Review of the Meadow Creek TS-60 Smoker

The Meadow Creek TS-60 is built like a tank.  The smoker itself weighs 425lbs minus the trailer.










As you can see here this unit has a charcoal basket in which we definitely had problems pulling out.

Charcoal / Wood basket

We were able to maintain a temp of 300 degrees for 3 hrs off of one split of wood and 10lbs of charcoal.  We were able to maintain the temperature as long as we added a split every hour thereafter.


Here is a few photos that will give you the idea of the guage of metal  and fasterners you’re dealing with which accounts for this smoker’s awesome ability to hold the temperature .

Open lid Note the thickness in metal

Fastener although opened here, it helps keep the heat in

We put a 15lb brisket on the bottom grate which is deeper than the top grate.  We put 2 pork butts on the top grate but we found that all 3 could fit on the bottom grate as well.  We was also able to put 3 racks of st. louis cut spares on the top grate and enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to spin or flip them to make sure of an even cook thanks to its reverse flow draft.

Our meats were actually off but check the rack real estate!

The heat was controlled by the dampers on either side of the firbox(pictured below).  These dampers did get hot after some time but that was expected.  They control the temperatures on this bad boy quite effectively

Dampers to control temperature

Smoke stack with damper to allow smoke to escape

Removable ash pan to allow for easy dispose of ashes

Trailer option comes with a mini storage unit idealy for wood spits

We placed some spare spits of wood on the firebox as they were on deck prior to going into the firebox and they actually caught on fire thus confirming some of the leakage in the firebox.  We were told after our first day of use and being disappointed with its fuel consumption that the newer models have an insulated fire box.  The amount of lost heat from the firebox alone begs for the aforementioned insulated firebox.  As far as the meat, our meat came out awesome and it’s a pretty good cooker


Heavy gauge tank like build helps ensure even cooking

Cook area is impressive, even better than it looks


Very heavy on fuel consumption(due to non insulated fire box)

Charcoal basket can be difficult at times to pull out especially when fire exists

  • Philly_Blind_Pig_BBQ

    Meadow Creek is one of the best cookers out there! They cut down the front of my charcoal basket on my TS-120 so wood and charcoal could be added during cook without removing basket.


  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    Hey PBP, were you having an issue with the charcoal basket as to why you got that added?  Also do you have an insulated firebox and if so, how is the fuel consumption?

  • Philly_Blind_Pig_BBQ

    Had them notch out basket at time of purchase, and glad I did! Photo shows basket…  I do not have insulated fire box. Using a torch (big one attached to propane) you can bring up temp in cooker before adding fuel.

  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    Nice touch there..they should make them all like that in my opinion.