And the winner of the Gamechangers contest is………..

The winning entry was announced on our livestream on wednesday night as promised but we figured we’d publish it here for those that weren’t streaming.  We would like to send congrats to Wesley Gustin who’s winning entry can be read after the jump.

“I would have to say The cookers…. Green Egg and WSM’s etc.. Fantastic indirect heat grills. When i first started 22yrs ago a person had to be an apprentice to a “pitmaster” for several yrs learn the art of controlling a fire .. cooking on open pits on the ground, in a firebox, hut pits in extreme conditions.. making their own coals from wood and no use of commercial charcoal…  no digital thermometer’s.. and after you learned this only a Pitmaster could determined whether or not you have graduated to the title Pitmaster… nowadays just buy a WSM and enter a contest and you can call yourself one.  We did a experiment.. Got A 14 yr old boy gave him a WSM and he started the fire and held  a constant temp of 250 for 10 hrs all by reading the directions and playing with it for a few hrs . then the following  try’s we had him try to do the same on a offset and he could not get the temp up and when he did get it hotter it was well over 300 and could not maintain a even temp…..  we then tried to get him to make his own coals and cook in a pit dug out of the ground and that went Horrible… So we called him a WSM Master But no where near a pitmaster. That is one of the things that i liked bout last season of pitmasters where Mixon made them cook a whole hog on a block pit….  so i think the modern day Cookers are most definitively the biggest game changer.  A close second would be the whole appearance judging..  i have seen where a contest came down to a final slim % point and a Cook would lose cause of his appearance score,  who cares on how well you can stack your product into a box with lettuce…  the best bbq joints in the country serve their Q on Butcher paper with a couple of slices of bread.. “blind Judging”  Should be just that…”blind”  should come down to taste.. and how well it was cooked.. if it is cooked right… it will look great!”