Pit Temperature Control devices: What additional features we’d like to see

Hey gang Sr. and I have had this discussion several times and I want to exchange dialog with our readers to see what would your ideal pit temperature control device would do for you.  Hopefully the manufacturers are listening and can include this in their upcoming products.  Let’s first speak about what’s currently on the market.  We have the BBQ Guru line of pit temp control devices and they start from the display-less nano-Q unit that increases/decreases temperature increments at the push of a button.  They just released a new unit called the Party-Q which controls one pit and operates off of batteries.

BBQ Guru's Party Q Unit


Then they have the top of the line Cyber-Q unit which lets you do everything the others can do(not battery operable) including regulate your temps via a computer that is directly connected via a usb cable and control more than one pit.  The Guru line has a few other controls in between but the aforementioned is their list of features across their product line.

BBQ Guru's Cyber Q Unit


You also have the Stoker line of products.  The stoker has often been referred to as the techie’s choice for a pit temperature control device.  Per various forums, owners laud the guru’s ease of use over the stoker however that does not stop the stoker from having it’s respectable user base.

The Stoker Front View

The unit you see here has built-in wifi(wifi firmware available 1/2012) and can control what looks to be up to 3 pits and meats at once.  One feature that the stoker has with both the non-wifi and the wifi version is that it can connect to your home router and can be controlled via a web interface w/o having to be directly connected to your computer like the cyber-Q.  While we have not gotten a chance to review the Stoker(either version), that should not hinder us from our goal of this article.

We ask you, our readers what would you like included in your future pit temperature control device?  Now, it would be easy to simply say, “I want all features rolled in one” but we’d like to find out if you all have any features in mind that you would like added in addition to that “all rolled in one device”.  I’d like to start the discussion off with a list of features that we have not seen in the above devices or any of the others on the market:

1) The ability to schedule a temperature increase or decrease based a predetermined time

2) A unit that has a rechargeable battery with the lifetime of 24hrs

3) The ability to program and store different preset profiles based on the meat you’re smoking and those presets can be dialed up at any time.

4) The ability to control your unit via an android phone (I have a thunderbolt)

5) The ability for my “dream unit” to communicate with the fans and meat probes wirelessly thus keeping the control unit free of the elements

6) The ability to control via voice


  • http://www.facebook.com/bamccall1 Bruce Huckjr McCall

    We’re hoping to get most or all of these units in for a review in the coming months.  What features would you add?

  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    We’re hoping to get most or all of these units in for a review in the coming months.  What features would you add?

  • Buzz

    I have two Gurus and I’m disappointed that they are not Mac friendly. I feel if they could be more Stoker-like  and work over a Wifi network and be internet based Mac or PC would not matter, you could control your pit from your smart phone.

  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    I totally agree buzz, and I’d love to be able to control the pit wirelessly via my smartphone on the guru, I believe the stoker has this capability.

  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    @bigmistasbbq said on the podcast tonight that he’d like for it to be a unit that sits in the smoker with no probe wires….we like that idea too!!  Does anyone else have one? #bbq

  • http://twitter.com/huckjr huckjr

    Curious if anyone else has anything to add?