BBQ Nachos

Here in FBA country, summer time is a good time, for some of us, to practice competition BBQ. Competitions are spread a bit thin, and unless you have a good way to stay cool during the summer heat, we all having to wait for cooler weather. Cooking so much BBQ, sometimes you have to be inventive on how to get rid of it. My family can only eat so much BBQ, friends see me coming, and quickly turn the other way, because they know that the conversation will end up being about BBQ.

This past January we competed in the KCBS, Lakeland, FL Pigfest. We sold our BBQ at this event. Funny thing vending, your cooking for 1000′s of folks, but, if your like me, you don’t even get a bite. That is what happened for my family at PigFest. We served our BBQ Nachos, and they were a BIG hit. We sold out, Friday and had to go get more supplies from the store early Saturday, and sold all of it that day. Folks told us, they came all the way across the park, just for our Nachos. This week my family and I were discussing the PigFest, and realized none of us had even tried the Nachos, friends had all tried them, and told us they were good, I just went on their word, and man were they right! Of course, with all this practicing, we had pulled pork in the freezer, so it was an easy fix.

This is  a very simple recipe, but I was very pleased with the flavor. With football starting, this is a great snack for game day.

First I start with some Hogs Gone Wild BBQ Pulled Pork.

HGW Pulled Pork



After that the ingredients are very simple, Corn Chips, Nacho Cheese & BBQ Sauce. We used our house sauce, HGW “Sweet with some Heat”, we found the sweet and a hint of spice, is a nice contrast to the cheese and corn chips.



Simply construct you nachos, we started with the chips, added the cheese, then the pork and finally the BBQ sauce.

BBQ Nachos, very tasty!!!


Nothing better then sharing Nachos with great friends and family, and the beverage of choice of accompany this tasty treat is…..Ice Cold Beer……..surprise!!!


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  • Huck sr.

    Are you ready for some football? Doug great recipe and simple once the pork is done.

  • http://www.bbqsmokersite.com Kevin (BBQ Smoker Site)

    Football season here we come! Man, Doug – this is a winner winner for my dinner!