Deep Dish Puff Pastry Pizza

Today we bring to you deep dish pizza, puff pastry style!!!

We start out with our 12″ cast iron pan and we greased it with the spanish olive oil shown in the above pic.  We then spread the puff pastry to to match the pan’s diameter.  The second ingredient we added was the cheese.  We used both cheddar and fresh mozzarella cheese.  We placed this cheese in the freezer for 1hr prior to applying it because at that temperature, it makes the shredding easier.  Another purpose of lying the cheese down first is, it protects our dough from the water that our next ingredient is full of….Tomatoes.  We sliced our tomatoes and added fresh basil, garlic powder, oregano and hot pepper seeds to the sliced pieces.  We then drizzled some olive oil over the tomatoes.  Once our smoker reached 375 degrees, we placed the pizza on.  After 40min our pizza was done and as you can see below, we were happy with the results!!!  You may ask why did it take the smoker so long at that temp for the pizza to be done.  The cast iron pan can take 10-15min. to get to temp itself.  Once that gets going then everything else follows.  Enjoy!!

  • Janelle

    Looks amazing!