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Review of Mr. Bar-B-Q’s 18-piece BBQ Tool Set

Review of Mr. Bar-B-Q's 18-piece BBQ Tool Set

This is a very interesting product of Mr. Bar-B-Q.  What you see here is an 18-piece set which includes 1 spatula,1 set of tongs,1 knive,1 basting brush,1 fork,1 grill brush,4 skewers, 8 corn on cob holders.


In the Hut: SPECIAL EDITION Episode #4 John Markus Interview

Danielle and Jr. interviews John Markus and discuss a range of topics including upcoming documentaries, sitcoms, appearances, the best in smoke tv show and most importantly, the upcoming Ultimate BBQ showdown show.


In the Hut: Episode #29

The panel discuss Best in Smoke, Diva at Memphis in May, Chad headed to Vegas and we speak on the upcoming Ultimate BBQ Showdown.


Review of TastyLicks Secret Sauce

Review of TastyLicks Secret Sauce

TastyLick’s new Secret Sauce is the latest creation from the Smokin Guitar Player, Fred Bernardo of Fred’s Music and BBQ.  We talked in depth with Fred about how this sauce came about and what he seemed to be most proud of is that the sauce consists a combination of some of his rubs that he […]


Deep Dish Puff Pastry Pizza

Deep Dish Puff Pastry Pizza

Today we bring to you deep dish pizza, puff pastry style!!!


In the Hut: Episode #28

In this episode, the panel talks about “Best in Smoke”, Big mista’s trailer, and more!!


Draper’s BBQ Sauce and All Purpose Rub Review

Draper's BBQ Sauce and All Purpose Rub Review

Ok gang, here is our take on Draper’s bbq sauce and all purpose rub.  For our test, we used some chicken thighs.  Draper’s all-purpose rub was applied to the chicken with a little EVOO.


Preview for new Food Network show “Best in smoke”

Not sure how old this clip is but hit the jump for the preview of Food Network’s latest BBQ reality offereing!!!