Pics from this past weekend’s Gary Maddox Rib-off

200908101421.jpgWell folks, we didn’t do as well as we’d like but as always, we got great footage for those who could not make it. We’ll have video and a guest columnist’s post later this week. Hope the pics will hold you over until then.

IMG_7454.jpg IMG_7455.jpg IMG_7456.jpg IMG_7457.jpg IMG_7458.jpg IMG_7459.jpg IMG_7460.jpg IMG_7461.jpg IMG_7462.jpg IMG_7463.jpg IMG_7464.jpg IMG_7465.jpg IMG_7466.jpg IMG_7467.jpg IMG_7468.jpg IMG_7469.jpg IMG_7470.jpg IMG_7471.jpg IMG_7472.jpg IMG_7473.jpg IMG_7474.jpg IMG_7475.jpg IMG_7476.jpg IMG_7477.jpg IMG_7478.jpg IMG_7479.jpg IMG_7480.jpg IMG_7481.jpg IMG_7482.jpg IMG_7483.jpg IMG_7484.jpg IMG_7485.jpg IMG_7486.jpg IMG_7487.jpg IMG_7488.jpg IMG_7489.jpg IMG_7490.jpg IMG_7491.jpg IMG_7492.jpg IMG_7493.jpg IMG_7494.jpg IMG_7495.jpg IMG_7496.jpg IMG_7497.jpg IMG_7498.jpg IMG_7499.jpg IMG_7500.jpg IMG_7501.jpg IMG_7502.jpg IMG_7503.jpg IMG_7504.jpg IMG_7505.jpg IMG_7506.jpg IMG_7507.jpg IMG_7508.jpg IMG_7509.jpg IMG_7510.jpg IMG_7511.jpg IMG_7512.jpg IMG_7513.jpg IMG_7514.jpg IMG_7515.jpg IMG_7516.jpg IMG_7517.jpg IMG_7518.jpg IMG_7519.jpg IMG_7520.jpg IMG_7521.jpg IMG_7522.jpg IMG_7523.jpg IMG_7524.jpg IMG_7525.jpg IMG_7526.jpg IMG_7527.jpg IMG_7528.jpg IMG_7529.jpg IMG_7530.jpg IMG_7531.jpg IMG_7532.jpg IMG_7533.jpg IMG_7534.jpg IMG_7535.jpg IMG_7536.jpg IMG_7537.jpg IMG_7538.jpg IMG_7539.jpg IMG_7541.jpg IMG_7545.jpg IMG_7546.jpg IMG_7547.jpg IMG_7548.jpg IMG_7549.jpg IMG_7550.jpg IMG_7551.jpg IMG_7552.jpg IMG_7557.jpg IMG_7558.jpg IMG_7559.jpg IMG_7560.jpg IMG_7561.jpg IMG_7562.jpg IMG_7563.jpg IMG_7564.jpg IMG_7565.jpg IMG_7566.jpg IMG_7567.jpg IMG_7568.jpg IMG_7571.jpg IMG_7572.jpg IMG_7573.jpg IMG_7575.jpg IMG_7576.jpg IMG_7577.jpg IMG_7578.jpg IMG_7579.jpg IMG_7580.jpg IMG_7581.jpg IMG_7574.jpg IMG_7555.jpg IMG_7553.jpg IMG_7556.jpg IMG_7554.jpg

  • http://www.bbqlikeapro.com BBQ Like A Pro

    Those are some really nice pictures, looks like a pretty big cook off. I enjoy the variety of pits that people use in competitions. The beautiful thing about our BBQ Society is that it’s not really the size of the equipment or even how sophisticated and technologically superior they might be,rather it’s whether you understand the art of BBQ and appreciate and know the equipment you do have.I’ve seen people on stage with not much more then a barrel. That’s what makes barbecuing so fun.

  • http://www.huckshut.com huckjr

    This is correct BBQ Like a Pro. We’ve seen tons of different BBQ rigs. Bigger is not always better on this ballfield.

  • Anthony (Rhapsody in Blue Smoke)

    Great pictures, hope to see you guys back again next year.

  • huckjr

    Thanks Anthony we definately will see you next year. It’s a great time for a great cause.

  • the other white meat

    I scrolled through all of your pics and no Capt’n Dick’s pics huh, they were in the restaurant division so they could give away samplings of their bbq. Nice pics regardless

  • http://www.huckshut.com huckjr

    We got you guys in the video that we’re gonna post shortly. We got you exactly when greg maddox was at your rig.