Split Free-Range Chicken

IMG_7451For this post we went to the reading terminal market and picked up a 3 1/2 lb. chicken(free-range). First, we brined it with huck’s basic brine, for about 12 hrs and let it air dry in the fridge for 12 hrs.

We then seasoned the chicken with salt ,black pepper, caynne pepper,garlic powder,onion powder,paprika,parsley and nut-meg and added olive oil. Next, we put it back in fridge until our smoker reached 275 degrees. We used The BBQ Guru’s Cyber-Q to reach our target temperature but you can also do it the regular way. We then placed it on grill skin side down 30 min. We then gave them a flip 30 more minutes or until the chicken reached 165 degrees in breast. Lastly, we painted with our favorite bbq sauce. This makes for a very good quick smoked chicken that you can have for several night’s dinner. See below for more pics of our finished product.




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    I can’t imagine chicken looking better then that, I’m sure it taste just as good as it looks. Once again really nice looking pics.