New Section just added!!! The BBQ Glossary

When I was trying to move up from hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill to a smoker, I received advice from a pitmaster at a local bbq joint and was told to get a wsm or a bge. This pitmaster also told me to try fatties, abt’s or some 4 and downs for my maiden voyage on the smoker. I began to check the internet and saw some of the same terms mentioned but the only problem was, I didn’t know what they meant. I then went back to that pitmaster and asked what was he referring to by WSM or BGE. He advised me that the WSM = Weber Smokey Mountain and the BGE term meant Big Green Egg. These are 2 very popular smokers. To make it easier for you guys, I’ve compiled a list of terms you’ll see here and especially on our forum. This should help you get ahead of that learning curve that I had to go through to find out this info. Under the logo on our site, you should see a new Page called BBQ Glossary. You will find all the terms there. This list will continue to get updated so peek in on this page every now and then, you might find something new. Enjoy.